Company Expectations Concerning Raising Prices

The January 27, 2014 Wall Street Journal Real Time Economics post titled “More Businesses Expect to Raise Prices in Coming Months” highlights various results from the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) January 2014 Industry Survey.

Here is an excerpt from the post concerning pricing and costs:

About 43% of companies plan to raise prices in the first three months of 2014, far more than the 20% that said they actually did raise prices in last year’s fourth quarter. Just over half — 56% — expect prices to stay flat and about 2% expect them to fall.

The NABE survey, conducted Dec. 19 to Jan. 6 and released Monday, is based on responses from 64 economists at U.S. companies and trade groups.

The overwhelming majority — 85% — said their firms saw flat or falling materials costs over the last three months, and 77% said wages remained the same or fell.  But 42% expect their non-labor input prices to rise in the coming quarter, while 51% expect them to stay flat and 7% expect them to fall.

Additional details can be seen both in the WSJ Real Time Economics post and NABE survey mentioned above.


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