Prices Paid And Prices Received Diffusion Indices

Each month the Philadelphia Fed releases the Business Outlook Survey, which contains a variety of information concerning business conditions.

As seen on the site:

The Business Outlook Survey is a monthly survey of manufacturers in the Third Federal Reserve District. Participants indicate the direction of change in overall business activity and in the various measures of activity at their plants: employment, working hours, new and unfilled orders, shipments, inventories, delivery times, prices paid, and prices received. The survey has been conducted each month since May 1968.

One component of this survey are diffusion indices for both “Prices Paid” and “Prices Received.” (for those unaware, this survey provides the following definition:  “Diffusion indexes represent the percentage indicating an increase minus the percentage indicating a decrease.”)

Doug Short provides a monthly blog post concerning the Philadelphia Fed’s Business Outlook Survey.  For reference purposes, here is a chart he has created that shows, from a long-term perspective, the “Prices Paid” and “Prices Received” diffusion indices (shown by the dots) and their 12-month moving averages (shown by the solid lines) from the February 2014 report :

(click on chart to enlarge image)

Dshort 2-20-14 - Philly-Fed-PPC-and-PRC-12MA



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