S&P500 Revenue Growth Statistics

As previously commented upon in this site, one of the problematic aspects of today’s business environment is the continuing “lagging” nature of corporate revenue growth.

For reference purposes, below is a chart seen in the Zack’s Earnings Trends (pdf) report dated September 10, 2014.  This chart (Table 3, page 9, with accompanying note) shows YoY Revenue Growth for the Zack’s sectors, as well as the total S&P500, over various time periods:

S&P500 revenue growth

Note: Lack of consensus revenue estimates, particularly for a number of key Finance sector companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, makes consensus projections for the sector less precise. Data for all the other sectors is fairly reliable. As such, we suggest using the ex-Finance growth rate as a proxy for the index as a whole.


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