S&P500 Revenue Growth Statistics

As previously commented upon in this blog, one of the problematic aspects of today’s business environment is the continuing “lagging” nature of corporate revenue growth.

For reference purposes, below is a chart seen in the Zack’s Earnings Trends (pdf) report dated October 31, 2013.  This chart shows YoY Revenue Growth for the Zack’s sectors, as well as the total S&P500, over various time periods:

Zacks Earnings Trends 10-31-13 Revenue Growth

There is notable commentary regarding future earnings growth seen on page 17 of the report, under the heading “Where Will the Growth Come From?”  Here is an excerpt within that commentary regarding revenue growth:

Revenue growth is strongly correlated with ‘nominal’ GDP growth. If the growth outlook for the global economy is positive or improving, then it’s reasonable to expect corporate revenues to do better as well. But the global economic growth outlook is at best stable, definitely not improving as the recent estimate cuts by the IMF shows.


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